The Digital Marketing Trends That are Shaping 2019 So Far

We’re nearly two months into the new year, and here at Windsorborn, we’re starting to see trends shape up that we expect will impact the rest of 2019. Check out our round-up below as you finalise your digital strategy for the rest of the year to come: Content continues to play a big role… In […]

7 Statistics that Prove the Power of Video Marketing

Adding video to your marketing mix may seem daunting (without the right partner, that is). On your own, it may seem as if the only way to entice your customers with new video content is to fly in an expensive production team and blow your budget on a few measly clips. But video today is […]

Balancing SEO and SEM: A Game Plan for Small Businesses

Running a small business can feel a lot like trying to juggle chainsaws. Between trying to handle customer service, accounting, product development and all the other responsibilities associated with company ownership, the risk of letting just one priority drop can seem disastrous. Unfortunately, despite all this hustling, too many small business owners let another critical […]

How to Create Better Content by Understanding Search Intent

SEO used to be black and white. All it took to rank well in the organic search results was selecting a keyword, putting in the right places – the right number of times – on your site, and sitting back to watch your traffic roll in. Of course SEO is more complicated these days, thanks […]

Is Data Killing Creativity?

As a marketer, data drives nearly all of the decisions I make. I use data to tell me which version of a web page is likely to drive more visits, more engagements and more conversions. I use data to determine when the best times are to post to my company’s social media pages and to […]

4 Common Mistakes Companies Made When Targeting Chinese Consumers

China is now offering a lot of opportunity for worldwide businesses, but marketing to Chinese consumers isn’t as easy as most businesses think it is. Just showing up with your product in hand isn’t going to be the miracle solution your business is looking for. But if approaching with a well thought out strategy and […]

The Difference Between UX and UI (And Why You Need Both)

If you’re a busy CMO, Marketing Manager or an entrepreneur wearing multiple hats each day, UX and UI may be the last things on your mind. But we suggest that they deserve your attention. And so does data from a recent Forrester study According to the survey, “A well-designed user interface could raise your website’s conversion […]

Leveraging New Technology to Lead Digital Transformation for Your Brand

Digital transformation’ has become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years. Given the number of benefits attributed to the process – ranging from cost savings to a better customer experience – it’s easy to understand why. But although the idea of digital transformation is important, it’s also vague. What does ‘digital transformation’ […]

How Tech-Savvy Insurance Companies Use Digital Marketing to Get Ahead

When you think about successful digital marketing, you may think about thriving social communities. Viral videos. Clever copy and punchy product descriptions. You probably aren’t thinking about insurance companies. Insurance companies may get an undeserved reputation for being stuffy or outdated, but we’ve been working with some smart insurance companies and brokers recently who are […]

3 Things B2B Companies Get Wrong With Digital Brand-Building

Good branding is easy to understand, but hard to actually do. Obviously, there’s plenty of value in things like thoughtfully-defined positioning statements, well-crafted visual assets and a finely-tuned brand voice. But many B2B companies still miss the mark. That happens for plenty of different reasons, ranging from a lack of time and money, to a […]

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